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"So like...when are you going to get a real job?"

- my dad

"I never liked the circus, I just think it's a bunch of nonsensical swinging from here to here"

- my mom ( I found out this is how she feels 9 years into my career)

Hula hoops, hand and bottle balancing

Hi. My name is Renée

and I am a multi-disciplinary circus artist and creative extraordinaire based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and available internationally.

Unlike so many circus artists out there, I started my circus journey late at the age of 22. Despite a great desire to learn dance, gymnastics and diving, I grew up in a culture that greatly discourages creative endeavours. I had no background in any sort of movement or creative realms. What started as a means to lose weight became an empowering, artistic journey that has become an integral part of my identity. 

Through tenacity, hard work and the gracious support, encouragement and inspiration of so many – I have become the artist that I am today. I use circus as an empowering medium to explore movement, femininity sexuality, comedy and other themes.

I am grateful to have discovered and to be a part of the world of circus where I can explore, create and push myself beyond realms of comfort.

My services and disciplines include hula hoops, equilibrium (hand and bottle balancing, stilt walking/dancing), fire-eating and character in the capacities of stage acts, productions and event animation.

I am also an award winning, multi-disciplinary visual artist and designer. My creative body of work explores the capacity of humanity and normalization of trauma. 


Oh and I also design software and applications, once upon a time I was an urban planner, was a headgear child and I love cats and bicycles. 


Pause. Shift. Rebound Show

Writer, Producer + Director

Hula hoops, hand and bottle balancing solos

Circus - VFS Short Film

Hula hooper

Stan Douglas Penn Station’s Half Century Mural in New York City, 2020

Hula hooper, character representing Asahi Foot Juggling Troupe

Quirques Cabaret 2019

Hula hoops, hand and bottle balancing

Lululemon Seawheeze Festival, 2013, 2018, 2019

Event animation, character, stiltwalking, hula hoops

New Westminster Circus Festival, Aug 2019

Hula hoops solo

Sothebys Event, Jul 2019

Event animation, aerial diamond dance


Started from the Bottom Cabaret, June 2019

Hula hoops solo

Quirques Cabaret, Nov 2018

Writer and performer for I Can't Tell You How Much This Hurts, an exploratory act on injury and pain with Maria Sample

Workshop showcase of busking/clowning act

Vancouver CircusFest, Jul 2018

Burlyesque Hula hoops solo

Electronic Arts Event, Jan 2017

Stilt walking, character

Circus Incubator, Nov 2016/Feb 2017

1 of 4 Canadians selected for the international artist residency program

Share Foundation Show, 2014

Fire eating solo

In the House Festival Production, 2013

Aerial hoop solo, stilt walking

University of Calgary Dance Montage, 2012

Stilt dancing, ensemble performance


For more, see my CV

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