5 minute hula hoops stage act

Requires 10 feet floor to ceiling height, 64 sq feet stage level stage space

Can be modified to be shorter and to different music

Various circus disciplines

Hula hoops, hand balancing, bottle balancing, fire-eating, stilt walking/dancing and character to match your productions and events

Bottle balancing and clown

Customizable bottle balancing with or without clown specific for your event and production

Custom hula hoop animation and acts

Customizable hula hoops to match your productions and events

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 11.58.50 PM.pn

Lady Dee

Lady Dee character and clowning act

Fully modifiable technical specifications and length; includes audience participation

More to come soon

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Elevate your event with ambient animation in hula hoops, stillt walking, dance and more


Include an element of grace and high level circus to your performance productions


Private coaching in hula hoops and beginner  level handbalancing